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As well as standard tiles and fittings, demand has grown in recent years for production of bespoke, hand-made, ornate clay ridge tiles and finials. Often broken tiles need to be replaced and being able to find like-for-like replacements can prove to be a difficult, if not impossible. With this in mind we offer a service to create matching tiles to help make your roof complete once again.

Using years of experience and multiple techniques passed down through generations we can also offer a tile matching service for nib and peg tiles. With multiple finishing methods we can the match colour, shape and size of your original tiles, so you don’t have to replace the whole roof.

Please contact us for more information on our tile matching and bespoke tile making services.


Bespoke owl ridge tile finials

Bespoke Ridge 1

Bespoke Ridge 2

Bespoke Ridge 3

Bespoke Ridge 4

Bespoke Ridge 5

Prodiuction of bespoke bespoke ridge tiles

Tile Colour Matching

Bespoke Ridge Table