Due to a high demand for bespoke shape tiles we decided to invest in this state of the art desktop CNC machine to help with the precise cutting of the moulds. This opens a lot of doors for Spicer Tiles when it comes to floor tiles as well as roof tiles.

All of our design work is completed in house by Adam Spicer, down to the nearest 1000th of a millimetre. Once the design is complete, the “G-Code” is sent to the machine to start milling.

A design of the stamp which puts the nibs onto our tiles


Once the design is complete, it is sent to the CNC machine to start milling.


Once the milling is complete, we fix the stamp onto the mould….


And then create our samples ready for firing before finally signing off on the design.


If you require a bespoke size tile made to match in with an existing product then please do get in touch, with our years of expertise of colour creation and our ability to precisely make moulds there is rarely anything we wont try and help with. Give our office a call to discuss on 01797 364777.