Handmade Clay Tiles Spicer Tiles

At Spicer Tiles we strive to make the best handmade clay tiles, using age old techniques and skill passed down through the centuries. What we believe to be integral to the true meaning of handmade clay tiles, along with the obvious, is the variations to be found within the product ranges. Centuries ago, tile makers didn’t have the luxuries of modern kilns, with their ultra controllability, so when they opened up the kiln the results of the firings weren’t guaranteed. Within the kiln stack there would have been hot spots, cool spots, spots where airflow wasn’t so good, along with many other factors. All of these factors and variables created a blend of tiles with variations which have bestowed the roofs of Kent for centuries. We find joy in keeping the perfect balance between subtle variation and ultra-controllability, our kilns are fired by our foreman, having to manually control our burners, meaning every batch differs slightly from the last.

Sometimes, while performing our quality checks, we do come across some amazing work’s of art within our kiln stack…

Best Handmade Clay Tiles Spicer Tiles