Spicer Tiles Have A Variety Of Roof Accessories Available:

Spicer Tiles offers a range of roof accessories ideal for everything from small extensions to major builds. These include specialities like bat access tiles to vented tile sets. Every tile is perfectly imperfect and effective against the elements for decades to come. Because each one is moulded by human hands, none are exactly the same. You will not find this distinction anywhere else except at Spicer. It sets us apart and we stand by that difference.

Our Variety Of Handmade Tiles:

How We Make Spicer Handmade Tiles

Clay tiles from British buildings that were built hundreds, even thousands of years ago, are often imprinted by the fingerprints of the skilled craftsmen who made them. So do ours. Every single tile is pressed into shape by hand, after which they go into a drying room for 2 days to bring them below 5% moisture, ready for firing. Once complete they are ready to adorn some of the most beautiful constructions in the UK, every roof and every tile both unique and honest to the architectural legacy they represent. (This section would be used again after the video of ‘How we make our handmade tiles)