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Spicertiles works with Top One Salvage. Photo of Top Ones Salvage yard with Spicertiles tile fittings.

Top One Salvage


Spicer Tiles have been in business with Top One Salvage now for around 30 years and they have been key in the growth and success of our business and product development.

In keeping with the Spicer Tiles ethos, Top One Salvage is a family run domestic salvage company who operate from their yard in Hampshire with customers in the Southern counties, and international. Top One Salvage stock an array of new and reclaimed products such as roof tiles, floor tiles, bricks, railway sleepers, and much more.

Memorable Moment
When Andrew & Jane Spicer first started the business, Jane took it upon herself to head the sales. After introducing herself and the products to Nigel and Carol for the first time, she received her first order some weeks later, “I need 3 hips, 2 hog back ridge, and 2 gables” Nigel chimed down the phone. Not to be disappointed, “an order is an order” thought Jane, as she asked Nigel to send the order through as a fax so she could arrange delivery. When the fax came though, the order was for 3 pallets of hips, 2 pallets of hog back ridge, and 2 pallets of gable tiles. Thus, a relationship between Spicer Tiles and Top One Salvage commenced and is still alive today, although the reins have been passed on to the next generation. You can visit their website to see all of their fantastic products by clicking here.