Handmade Clay Kent Peg Tile Smile


Handmade Clay Tile Spicer Tiles

A Smiling Spicer Tile

This little bit of peg tiles character is often referred to as a “smile”.

It is created in the mould when the excess clay is removed. The pressure of the wooden tool being dragged along the back of the tile to remove the excess clay causes the face of the peg tiles to have a slight crease and fold in on themselves.

It is details such as this that separates handmade tiles from the uniformity of machine made or “hand finished” tiles. The devil is in the details. This is a prominent sign a clay tile is genuinely handmade. Look out for the signs, characteristics and clues of a true handmade clay tile such as hand or fingerprints and minor discrepancies in size and shape. Every tile has its own personality and story to tell.