Genuine Handmade Clay Roof Tiles

Make your roof one of a kind

Why choose Handmade Clay Tiles?


Handmade clay roof tiles are widely renowned for being a class above the rest. Where machine made tiles and “hand crafted” tiles do have a place in the roofing market, genuine handmade clay tiles set themselves apart with their breathtaking character and variation. Handmade tiles purposely lack uniformity to bring unique character to every roof they cover. No single tile is the same. Handmade tiles are made using techniques passed down through the ages, these techniques cannot be replicated by machines, though many have tried, but failed.

A garage extension roof with our medium antique blend handmade clay roof tiles in the countryside.

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Custom Colour Blend


Where it is often important to choose a tile that will blend with the local vernacular, a handmade tile allows your roof to blend in and stand out at the same time. Providing both performance and breathtaking aesthetic


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We provided 37,000 tiles to Knole House in Sevenoaks with clay handmade roof tiles for their restoration project of the building.

Our Variety of Handmade Tiles


Our Flagship Range: With its unique pitted surface, handmade Spicer Tiles are ideal where the benefits of a new clay tiles is required but with the blessing of an aged appearance. The pitted finish has been designed to catch lichen to encourage weathering and to seamlessly blend into rural environments. A tile with character, perfectly suited for use on barn conversions or mixing in with second hand Kent Peg tiles.

Hanbury – Our handmade Hanbury tiles exhibit vibrant tones with subtle variation within each range. Ideal for new developments, yet not out of place on a traditional country manor.

Fittings – Spicer Fittings have been the choice for roofers for decades for their unique ability to blend seamlessly with reclaimed tiles. We produce fittings to match all of our ranges, both Spicer and Hanbury.
Spicer Tiles also produce handmade floor tiles.